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Luviana Latu


 Village: Ma’ufang. Island Group: Tongatapu

 Scheme: RSE Eighth Season.

 Approved Employer: Hume Pack and Cool

Group Leader


This will be my eighth season on the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme and I am so grateful to have been a part of it since it started in 2009. I am the main breadwinner for my household of 10, including 7 children and since I started in RSE our living standards has improved a lot. I now have no trouble paying for my children’s school fees and other family matters and am able to donate to my church. With my savings from RSE I have been able to build two houses and buy two vehicles for my family. I have also set up my own small-loans business in Tonga in 2013, which my family helps run when I am away in NZ. I am a leader of about 35 girls who work in the pack house and I have received further training and accreditation from my employer in New Zealand to become a quality control manager in the pack house that I work in. I also mentor and try to encourage the other girls to gain more skills and knowledge and develop their potential. I believe it is a privilege to be a part of RSE, and I value the opportunity that I have had to learn new skills, work hard, earn money and help my family back home.

Samuela Tukia


 Village: Houma. Island Group: ‘Eua

 Scheme: RSE Third Season.

 Approved Employer: Mr Apple

Group Leader


I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme because it has enabled me to earn more money than I could in Tonga. I use the money that I earn for my family’s needs and to pay for my two children’s school fees. My goal this season is to save enough money to buy a vehicle for my family’s use. I have also learnt a lot about farming in New Zealand, and there are a couple of things I have started doing in my own plantation, here in Tonga. For example, I now grow vegetables under a shade cloth which I sell in my village in ‘Eua during my off season.

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